Reflection Paper 1

Think of a culture that you consider significantly different from your own. Now imagine that you have been assigned to work on a school project with a person from that culture (specify which culture you are talking about).How would you put the principles of world-mindedness and attributional complexity (as discussed in Chapter 5) into practice as you attempt to communicate effectively with your fellow student, and what would be the benefits of doing so? Also, discuss how your knowledge of at least one of the principles or concepts of verbal communication discussed in Chapter 7 could help you communicate effectively with your fellow student, and how you think culture (your own or your fellow student’s) may have an impact on that principle or concept. Note: Since it is a reflection paper, you may use 1st-person in this paper. General Information Paper must be 2-3 pages in length—NOT including the title page or reference page—and done in a commonly used 12-pt. font, “Times New Roman”. The paper must have a title page (cover page) and use APA format for the citations and reference page. If you have never used APA format, I would advise you to check out the APA Publication Manual in the library.

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