Discussion paper about Design of online curriculum

– Just words as Discussion paper about Design of online curriculum materials.
Length: 2,000 words

This my assignment requires :

Imagine that you are a teacher of a sciTEX program which you would like to introduce this online learning tool to teach physics labs for a students who studing in high school. Before you are able to begin implementing this innovation, you need to get the approval of your (imagined) colleagues and/or a committee at the school / organisation where you are working. Prepare a discussion paper in which you outline the arguments why your colleagues and the organisation should support you with the innovation.
Purpose of this assignment

This assignment has been designed to give you an opportunity to propose and justify a blended e-learning program for a group of students in some form of virtual learning environment. To do this you need to draw on theories and evidence found in the e-learning literature.

In recent years, there has been a lot of enthusiasm for online learning and courses and programs have been modified or completely redesigned to be taught partially or fully online. However, it is not always clear why this is being done, nor whether it actual improves the quality of learning or delivers efficiencies or other claimed benefits. For example, it is often claimed that online learning is more engaging or that it offers greater choice to learners. However, the evidence to support these views is not always clearly articulated. Therefore, in putting forward a proposal for your innovation you need to find evidence to show you’re your design for incorporating online learning will actually allow you to do something in a way which benefits your learners. So, the purpose of this assignment is for you to consider why and how you can use virtual teaching and learning approaches to either enhance an existing learning situation, or to create a new learning opportunity for a particular group of learners.
Assignment instructions

• Examine and describe key elements of a teaching and learning program which you have either been involved in, are currently working in, or can imagine yourself working in.

• Identify an issue within the program that could be addressed, or a way to enhance student learning through the introduction of elements of online learning.

• Justify your choice of an e-learning solution to this issue with reference to theories of online learning.

• If possible refer to comparable learning situations where a similar solution has been used to positive effect.
This discussion paper will take the form of a formal written document that you would present to your colleagues. In addition to describing the innovation, you need to include in this assignment arguments and evidence that will justify your design based on the theoretical works of other educational researchers and practitioners. This means you will need to locate appropriate sources of information about the kind of innovation you are planning and to use the key findings of these works to explain to your colleagues the value to the learners in including the online elements to the program.
The structure for the discussion paper

Write your discussion paper as a single Word document. The first section should describe the learning context for your chosen learning design.

You need to then identify the issue or problem or situation that your online learning innovation will address. For example, this might be a solution to a lack of learner motivation, or an issue of access to a learning program or learning materials. This section should lead into a discussion of learning theories and approaches that are relevant to your chosen learning context.

Your discussion paper should give a clear outline of what the innovation is and how you see it will enhance the learning of your chosen group.

You should briefly outline the steps and resources that will be required to plan and put into effect your innovation, as well as a process for evaluating it’s effectiveness during and at the end of the teaching period.

Readings and resources

Littlejohn, Alison and Chris Pegler. 2007. Preparing for blended e-learning. New York:
book chapters( I have uploaded them as pp 9-28, 29-48, 49-69, 70- 93 and 94-130 u don’t need to access to that e-book because it is in my uni library ), and other core articles are uploaded as well. also you should include a list of the journal articles * (they are in the end of this page ), that you refer to in the body of your paper. You need to refer to at least 20 different resources. (Your reference list will not be included in the word count).

This assignment needs to be presented as a formally written document with an executive summary at the beginning (no more than 150 words). You also need to submit your completed assignment through Turnitin (a text matching program) to check that you have appropriately quoted and referenced information you have gained from other sources.
*Following is Other journal online sources

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