This is an article about school leadership, new education policies and programs, legislation, trends, developments, research and education debates in Australia only,

Keep in mind current issues, trends, debates, reforms, research and developments in education and educational leadership. AUSTRALIAN only.

Your target audience is, P-12 school leaders throughout the Australia.

Below are useful list of journals, newspaper, blog, podcasts and videos about school leadership and P-12 education that you might use to further stimulate your thinking and opinions or prompt an idea about an article.

Articles can be of any of the following types: descriptive/informative (reports), analytical, reflective, predictive, entertaining, or opinion and/or information intended to spark debate.

MUST be about Australasian issues and trends. Perhaps some of the online resources in this list might help.

The most important thing to remember is that the readers of this article will be school principals.

Current issues and trends in P-12 school education: state and national

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