In this essay you will be making a claim regarding your ideas on education

Essay Assignment:

In this essay you will be making a claim regarding your ideas on education. This claim will be derived from a synthesis of ideas drawn from at least two of the readings from this quarter and from your collective discussions. Feel free to draw from ideas introduced in your first two essays.

In your paper you will, among other things, be analyzing and/or comparing the ideas of any of the authors you have read this quarter.

Some questions you might ask to get started: What are the writer’s ideas on learning or creativity? What are some of the claims made regarding power, poverty, transformation and society? Where do they agree, and where do they disagree? How have your classmates’ views on education informed your own or enhanced your understanding of the readings?

(Important: Read Ideas for Synthesis Essays handout. See Handouts under Unit IV.)

• Introduction: Use an engaging method to introduce the general topic and provide background for your thesis. Then introduce any texts you are discussing. Give the authors’ names, their main ideas about learning/education and the titles of the two essays.

• Thesis: Your thesis will be created from your own ideas about some specific aspect of education that we have been learning about all quarter. You will, of course, use a careful analysis of the author’s and classmates’ ideas and arguments. You may write about the ways these ideas have informed your own. You may compare and contrast the differences and similarities of several works. (You do not have to agree with any author. You may find things you agree with, or disagree with, in the essays you are comparing.) In this paper, please integrate your thesis into the end of your introductory paragraphs.

• Body Paragraphs:

• You do not need to completely summarize all the ideas in any essay, but you do need to summarize the main points you are analyzing and illustrate your claims with material from the texts.

• Analyze the author’s ideas on education. Do the writers’ ideas inform each other?In what ways? Do the writer’s arguments support your own ideas? Can you present evidence or reasoning that disputes any of the writer’s arguments? Give examples. Be sure to use evidence from the texts to support your claims.

• Conclusion: End your paper by referring back in some way to your introductory ideas.

(Be sure to properly introduce, integrate and cite all source material. See MLA Guidelines.)

Your final, revised and corrected essay should be at least 4 pages long.
There are some of my idea, but you can deiced use it or not. and i hope you don’t use too much hard vocabulary~ Thank you~
For the synthesis essay, I will try to combine with two articles, the first one is The Banking Concept of Education by Freire, and the second is Multiple Intelligences by Gardner. The reason I choose those two articles that they are related to my own life. For instance, the education environment for me is “Banking concept” since primary school. Also, in my school life, teachers always consider students who could get good grades is the best students, and pay more attention on those students. It is kind of simply judge students by their intelligences. Thus, I would like combine those two articles with my own experiences.

Thesis statement: childhood education can profoundly attach on the way we are, inhibit potential of human, and also affect our behavior and values.



-hook ( my primary school experience of “Banking” concept education)

Combing my own experience with my main point of how dose it affect myself and change the way I thinking.

Body paragraphs

(1-4) Discuss the education of China and USA, two different education system affects me in completely different aspect. Including the direction to improve the exam-oriented education and malpractice of it. By using the example that Howard Gardner mentioned to support my ideas.

Central Idea: the point I am focusing is the education in childhood which strongly affect or permeate grown-up behavior and values reflection. In another word, we either accept childhood education subjectively or passively are going to profoundly attach on the way we are, the way we think, also our behavior and values.

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