Week 3: Compare and Contrast

In week 3, the assignment is to compare and contrast two articles in Unit Three of Business Ethics. Since the authors deal with different topics, focus on their approaches, attitudes, or values. There is no expectation for you to do any research outside of the articles. Length should be approximately 3 pages.


Organizational Expectations

The paper requires the following elements:

-Title page

-2-3 page essay, including introduction and conclusion paragraphs

-Reference page if you reference any outside sources, including our Teoro text.


Technical Expectations*

-Use a 12 point Times New Roman Font, double space, and 1 inch margins.

-Include APA formatted Title and Reference pages.

-Include APA formatted page headers and page numbers.

-Write with complete sentences, paragraph structure, and formal grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


* APA formatting guidelines can be found in the APA Style Manual (6th edition), either hard copy or online.

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