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this is a writing about what you learned from this writing class and the progress you made.
You receive one grade for the class at the very end based on the quality of your final portfolio – both the quality of your writing and the quality of the learning you have done as demonstrated in your writing and your discussion of your writing process in your portfolio introduction. You will receive a lot of feedback along the way to prepare you for the final portfolio, but your single overall grade for the quarter will be a holistic one at the very end.
Our central question with which we will be contending: “What does it matter who is speaking?”

this should include introduction like what you think writing and what you think about this class and what you have learned from this class. it should be about 1 page. and then discuss the followed 3 papers(each paper have 2 draft and total will be 6 papers). how you improve is with the comment from professor. you also should write about what you learned from the discussion’s readings. finally you should write a conclusion, like how your writing skills been improved after this class, and what progress you made.
Total should be 6 single space pages.
If you have wrote e-portfolio before, it will be much better.
I will upload files after you choosed this assignment.
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