Volunteer at the community health


please answer these questions in reflection, simple way and provide examples.
Explain the impact this engaged learning experience has had on your personal development. no long intro nodded just to the main point.


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Leadership Studies Paper

4 December 2014.

The aim of this paper is to provide a reflection on the impact that this engaged learning experience has had on my personal development. To begin with, I benefitted by way of mental development. After the engaged learning experience, I realized that I was able to pay attention and understand different worldviews. By understanding what my feelings were about these worldviews, I am able to get an idea of what motivates people to have certain beliefs about the world around them.


I consider mental development an important area in my personal development because it greatly influences my overall ability to think, know, and create new meanings about life. Without the ability to think, know, and create new meanings, I would encounter numerous challenges in efforts to overcome various barriers in life. For example, I feel that I can easily overcome problems such as negative attitudes towards people of different cultures and age discrimination. In the past, I used to think that people of other cultures are retrogressive. Now I know that this is not the case. I also used to think that older people are backward. Now I know that this is not the case. Based on the insights acquired through the engaged learning experience, I am able to appreciate the wisdom and experience of the older generation. Through mental development, I feel that I now fully understand what it means to realize that another person’s point of view is valid even if I do not necessarily agree with that point of view.

I also benefited from the engaged learning experience through civic development. I now realize that I need to focus not just on how to engage with people at school but also on how to live harmoniously with larger communities beyond the school environment. For example, I feel that I should endeavor to become a more informed, active and empowered citizen who frequently participates in various nation-building activities such as volunteering in community health initiatives. I feel that I am an integral part of these larger communities. I understand that civic engagement is about exercising individual responsibility to the community. For this reason, I intend to be more active in activities that can enable people to deal with some of the problems affecting them.

In my view, civic engagement is an integral part of personal development. All the things that I learned in the engaged learning experience highlight the relationship between civic engagement and personal development. For example, good health outcomes at the individual level can only become truly meaningful if that individual lives in a community whose overall health outcomes are improving. If health outcomes at the community level are deteriorating, it is just a matter of time before health outcomes at the individual level start deteriorating as well.

My take-home lesson in the engaged learning experience is that mental development and civic engagement are crucial aspects of personal development. These two perspectives are important for my future as a responsible citizen and an efficient professional. This is because they will enable me to create an ideal context within which to develop personally in a well-rounded manner. Through mental development, I will be informed and empowered to undertake my individual responsibility as a member of the larger community. The idea of engaged learning has given me a starting point of a long process of thinking critically, solving problems, and gaining new experiences in diverse social contexts.

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