The Visual Management Plan

Question Please CREATE an art organization in Canada and write an visual management plan for it. Please read the photo instructions very carefully. EVERYTHING IN IT SHOULD BE FOLLOWED. Also, I uploaded a good example for you. You can ignore the photos. Just focus on the texts. Academic sources should only be used in body […]

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Greek and Roman Advancements.

Question Greek and Roman Advancements*As you begin to explore the digital archives for this week, consider the definitions of primary and secondary sources. How are these source types different? How are they both important to our study of culture and humanities? Greek and Roman Advancements Give us an example of a Greek or Roman advancement […]

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Types of dance

Question I need to write an essay on the types of dance that I saw. Add on top of everything writing below. Obviously you didn’t see it but I’ll give you adjectives on the movement and you can just more to it. make it descriptive. Each performance should be in separate paragraphs. There are 14 […]

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Anni Albers: Woman of Textiles

Question I would like to concentrate on Anni Albers and her role as a female textile student of the Bauhaus. What was the Bauhaus, and its influence on modern art education. Albers role in this influnce Was the role of textiles chosen for her? Did women have a voice in the Bauhaus? Were women encouraged […]

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Mystery and Melancholy of A Street

The artist Giorgio De Chirico painted a painting called Mystery and Melancholy of A Street in 1914. Please discuss how the artist uses the vanishing point and multiple perspective in the image. How many vanishing points are there in this image and where are they? Also, how does his use of perspective influence your understanding […]

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art article review

Please read each article and write a short review. Each article for a paragraph. Please identify each article

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Art poster critique

Instructions: Circle the number of the poster which you feel is most successful as an example of visual communication.(I’ve already circled)Then, in thirty to fifty words, critique the poster and explain the reasons for your choice. You don’t need to write any introduction. Only critique and explain the reason.

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early Japanese Buddhist sculpture

just talk about this topic, and help me talk three things; like the dissemination of buddhist art. buddhism spread to various places after the impact. The Development of Buddhism in Modern Times. this like body, but if u have other good thing about body, also u can writing. and i also need conclusion and works […]

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Model’s paper

Read pages 81-145 in Petersen’s Foundations of Pastoral Care. Write a 3 page paper about each of the models of the pastor discussed in each chapter. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed.  First, spend a few paragraphs summarizing each model.  Second, compare and contrast the […]

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Read the following reviews of current exhibitions in New York. Which would you most like to visit and why? Which seems least interesting? Consider all three, providing pros and cons for visiting each in 250 words.       Due by 1pm New York time 4/22/16

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