Affirmative Action benefits/harms Asian Pacific Americans

This class is Asian Americans and the Law. Consider it when you are writing. Legal memo The legal memo should argue or advocate for a position on a legal issue or subject or relevance to Asian Pacific American community. Please, cite sources and include a bibliography. Well-organized Give your clear views and persuasive reasons for […]

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Electron Control, Inc

Electron Control, Inc., sells voltage regulators to other manufacturers, who then customize and distribute the products to quality assurance labs for their sensitive test equipment. The yearly volume of output is 15,000 units. The selling price and cost per unit are shown below:   Selling price $200 Costs: Direct material $35 Direct labor 50 Variable […]

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Discuss your “side” regarding environmental restrictions and economic freedom. Explain your rationale. • Post this assignment to the 5.4 thread. • Discussions are informal and do not require APA style and formatting. • Discussions are to be posted directly to the thread, rather than attached as a Word document. • Be sure to respond to […]

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How have the dual exclusion of citizenship and immigration worked together to “create” an Asian American race that is viewed as “forever foreigner”?

  Work details Attached files Type of paper Research Paper Subject Asian Studies Number of pages 7 Writer level University Format of citation MLA Number of cited resources 5 No big words. Talk about cases and acts in 1800s and 1900s and also the present.

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