Assignments 3 Evaluating the Ethics of Information Transparency

Dear Kane *Can you read the following question and choose for part (a) Amazon policy as example and for part (b) can you choose smartphone app for Facebook as example *Write 2 pages for part (a) and 2 pages for part (b) of the question a) Read the privacy policy of a large and popular […]

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Wireless Penetration and Securing Wireless

“Wireless Penetration and Securing Wireless” Please respond to the following: 1. Specify the main steps involved in cracking WEP encryption. Discuss the implications of relying on such a legacy protocol today and how essential it is for the IT industry to keep current with technology. 2. Compare the key added challenges of securing wirelessly-connected devices […]

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Buffer Overflow

“Buffer Overflow” Please respond to the following: 1. Explain one (1) of the challenges that a hacker faces when attempting to cause a segmentation fault by overflowing a buffer. Further, discuss the main ways in which an attacker can avoid detection of no operations (NOPs) by an intrusion detection system, and examine the primary reasons […]

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System Upgrade

“System Upgrade” Please respond to the following: 1. Imagine a scenario where Jane, an administrative employee of a company, receives a call from James, the company’s security administrator. He announces that he is calling everyone to inform them about this coming weekend’s upgrade to the accounting system. James adds that he does not need anyone’s […]

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Computer Hacking Crisis

MedStar Health Computer Hacking Crisis Create a 1,050-word assessment of the nature of the research design using the MedStar Health Computer/ System Hacking Cris that happened in March 2016. In the assessment be sure to include the following: Discuss whether the business problem could be solved using primarily qualitative or quantitative research design. Discuss the benefits […]

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ECT-437 Spring 2016

Are you ready to embrace the “power” at your fingertips? You are invited, by the instructor, to participate! The instructions are included for your participation to be successful. In ECT-437 (TR) Spring class, you will possibly journey where no student has traveled before…. BIG Question: Do you work and play well with others or are […]

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