Civil Commitment and Risk Assessment.

Civil Commitment and Risk Assessment. Suicidal and self-injurious behavior is a common occurrence in correctional facilities and prisons. There has been a constant concern about the safety of inmates in correctional settings with regards to deliberate self-harm and suicide attempts. They pose a major challenge to correctional facilities and affect both inmates and staff. These […]

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Media Violence

Question Considering the evidence on the association between media and crime, would you recommend that young children be forbidden to view films with violent content? Also include a biblical worldview on this subject. Answer Media Violence Exposure to violence in media such as movies, video games, music, and television poses significant risks to children’s health. […]

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Analysis and review of two articles:

Question peer-reviewed, recent, evidence, purpose, authority, relevance, ethics). How many of these criteria did these two selected articles meet? Analyze each and provide evidence. Two articles that I used were ‘Stop-and-Frisk: will it ever end? by Barker, C.J. (2012) and ‘Racial Profiling and criminal Justice’ by Ryberg, J. (2011) Answer Racial profiling remains to be an […]

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Criminal Justice Essay

Question Explain in your own words the logic of statistical significance and give an example to illustrate your answer (do not simply copy definitions from outside sources. Provide an example of at least a nominal and ordinal variable and an example of a one-tailed and two-tailed test of significance. Answer The concept of statistical significance […]

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Current Issues in Criminology

Question Use the attached document to learn everything about the course. Each student will write approximately five pages reflecting on how the course has impacted their intellectual development. The name of the course is CURRENT ISSUES IN CRIMINOLOGY: CONFRONTING HARMS AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN AND NONHUMAN (ANIMAL). In this paper, students should address what they […]

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Homeland Security

Question Select just one hydrologic, geophysical, biological, or technological hazard that could affect your community. Identify its characteristics and discuss how it could impact your community’s economy, infrastructure, and way of life. Share any steps you think the community has taken to mitigate the hazard as well as any preparation efforts. How well do you […]

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Changes Over Time in the Treatment of Victims

Question For this Assignment, review the interviews in this week’s Transcript. One interview is with a rape victim from the 1970s, while the other interview is with a rape victim from present time. Consider similarities and differences in how the victims were treated and think about the differences in services across the time periods.  Now, […]

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Criminal Justice

Question all the order instructions on the uploads Answer Criminal Justice Name of Student: Institutional Affiliation: Question One The theoretical position offered in the evolution of strain is that the general strain theory is anchored on the socio-psychological level of analysis. Specifically, this evolution process is explained in terms of the relationship between criminal behavior […]

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Mental illness

Your answers are complete, well thought out, logical, reflect your knowledge on the subject, and reflect the writing skills. Question: large percentage of the jail and prison population has been diagnosed with a mental illness. Based on readings what are some (at least three) factors that can be used to explain this high rate of […]

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Short Papers

Short Papers You MUST include citations for reading/lectures in your papers and you MUST include a reference page (this does not count in the 3-4 page length).   You will be drawing from reading and lectures for you papers, so you must include citations and references to show the reader where you got the ideas and […]

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