Academic Mission Statement

Question Academic Mission Statement  Overview College is a unique experience for each student. Similarly, each student is motivated by different factors and has different goals for their college experience. As you look forward to your future academic career it will be important for you to identify the goals that reflect your personal and professional values […]

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Article Review

Question Argument Evaluation Assignment PromptWrite a 3-page summary/evaluation of a peer-reviewed essay related to our semester’s investigation of heroes in America. Begin your analysis with a summary, as we’ve practiced in class. The summary should be one paragraph and include your chosen essay’s topic, thesis, main points, and broaderimplications. Next write your evaluation of the […]

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The Need to Legalize Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Name of Student Name of Professor English 101 Paper 10 July 2015 The issue of performance-enhancing substances has continued to exist for centuries (Crowther 485). In virtually all athletic competitions humankind has engaged in, the urge to gain an edge over competitors has been irresistible. Over time, some performance-enhancing substances such as steroids have been […]

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argumentative essay

The problem that you perceive as an author is that people don’t agree with what you believe is true and don’t concur with your opinion on one of the following subjects. You will be arguing that the first part of your thesis is true and the opinion in the second part of the thesis is […]

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Mother Tongue

“Based on a literal reading of “Mother Tongue”, I believe that Tan’s purpose of the writing is to show how language has influenced her experiences throughout her life. Language has had a influence not only on Tans personal life but also her professional life as a writer. Throughout the writing, Tan uses multiple examples of […]

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Building Teams that Work

This assignment will provide you with the important opportunity to practice making this shift to a style that is required in so many workplaces and throughout your academic program. For this assignment, you will write an informative essay on the topic you have previously chosen.(Building Teams that Work) You will need to identify a problem, […]

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Week 5 Assignment 3: Email Based on Listening Skills Scenario

Your supervisor has asked to you write a brief email on the vacation policy changes to be distributed to staff. You will need to listen to a voice mail from your supervisor with instructions on how to create the email to announce the new vacation policy. The voice mail will include specific details that must […]

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obesity disease

Outline: 1. Background: A. Opening example: Musculoskeletal pain in overweight and obese children. B. What is the Obesity Disease? C. What are the factors that lead to Obesity? (Paediatric obesity: Treands and Causes) D. How many people are getting obesity? (The rate) 2. Body: A. The reason why people get obesity disease. (Spesific Detail.) B. […]

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domestic violence.

My topic will be about domestic violence. You going to complete 60 annotated bibliographies. You must use research articles for your bibliographies not books, newspaper articles, or other sources. Research articles are from research journals such as Journal of Marriage and Family, Family relations, Journal of community Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, or Educational Gerontology. […]

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Body building: Using Steroids

Prepare a list of FOUR possible sources you MIGHT use for Project #3. Format your list in correct MLA style just as you would prepare your Works Cited page. (Listed alphabetically by author, etc.) On a second sheet of paper, provide short summaries (3-5 sentences) of TWO of the four sources. The instructions are listed […]

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