The US House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515.  City, State, Zipcode Date Dear Mr. Cantwell Dear Cantwell, I am writing this letter to you from the school of Nursing Ribeirao Preto. As you know, drug and substance abuse has become one of the wanting behavioral habits in this United States. The psychoactive substance users are […]

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Endocrine Disorder Brochure Hypothyroidism Contents Introduction. 23 Symptoms. 23 Hormones Involved in the Condition. 23 Statistics about Hypothyroidism.. 24 Recommended Foods. 24 Works Cited. 24 Introduction             Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid does not produce enough of the required hormones. It implies that the thyroid is underactive. The disease is common among women […]

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HIV and Aging

Question The topic to chose is HIV andAging You will be completing a one page paper of the Introduction of the policy brief. The introduction is part number 4 of the uploaded scanned document. In the policy brief, you choose a social condition/issue in need of a policy remedy.THIS assignment is an objective brief that offers information for […]

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Response to Questions

Question Please read the attached article and answer the following two questions; 1. Is healthcare demand elastic with regard to prices? Why would this matter for Wal-Mart in this particular case? 2. Will a large company like Wal-Mart offering healthcare services impact the income elasticity of demand for those services? Why or why not? Answer […]

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Question  Please read and summarize in your own words/use 91 words 1. Q . Identify two specific cell types found anywhere along the digestive tract and discuss their function. Pick any two to summarize in your own reads Read: The epithelium in the mouth, pharynx esophagus, and anal canal is mainly nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium […]

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International Populations

Question Read the articles by Becker and Makino (attached).  Based on these articles, make a case for body image concerns and disordered eating as a global problem, and NOT JUST a Western problem. Answer International Populations             Body image concerns and disordered eating are a major cause of clinical disturbances the world over (Makino, Tsuboi, […]

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases in high school students

Question This is health topic and I am trying to come up with some strategies to help the high school students to learn and know about STDs and I need a reference in order to support the writer’s opinion,PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS:-Identify the specific strategies you will use in your program (e.g., health education, health […]

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The Relationship between Stress and Immunity, Pain and Memory

Question You’ve been reading in Sapolsky’s book about the relationship between stress and immunity, pain, and memory. What are your thoughts, insights, questions, and/or observations regarding these relationships?You were introduced to 4 specific, relaxation strategies- yoga, PMR, biofeedback, and autogenic training. 2. What are your thoughts, insights, questions, and/or observations regarding these relaxation strategies? Step […]

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Question Please review the app in any of its various implementations and see for yourself how it works. It might even help you pass your Anatomy class! After doing so, and in less than four pages (OR IN A VIDEO OR AUDIO RECORDING THAT IS NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES LONG), please […]

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Health Care Quality

Question Using the Triple Aim, 6 aims for QI in health care, and the JC’s National Patient Safety Goals, describe how the definition of quality care changes, or doesn’t change, throughout the course of the human lifespan, from in utero through death. Defend your position with external citations as well. Use the cites below as […]

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