Multiple Choice Problems

4. A drone is undergoing a constant acceleration of 2m/s^2 due east. Its velocity is 22 m/s due east aat 11:00:00. What will its velocity be 5.0 seconds later? a. 22 m/s east b. 17 m/s east c. 12 m/s east d. 32 m/s east e. 27 m/s east f. 10 m/s east 5. A […]

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Explaining technological advances

In this assignment you need to: Research and identify what specific significant technological/engineering advances occurred in the field of X- ray mammography, and organise these in chronological order (year wise). Describe, using diagrams where helpful, each advancement. You are describing the actual technology here (eg: describe a new target construction, or new image receptor design […]

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