Imperial Control of the Middle East

Question A Line in the Sand narrates the history of the European partition of the Ottoman Empire and the British and French rivalry for imperial control of the Middle East. After you study the powerpoints and the assigned chapters of A Line in the Sand, identify at least one consideration or reason that influenced how […]

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Religion gap assignment

Question A version of the paper will be uploaded. Please focus on part 3. Use the article for section 3. Part 3 is the following article: Eastland, T. (2004). The God Gap. The Weekly Standard. September 1. Retrieved from Go to that article and follow the instructions below: 1. Identify 5 studies that were critical […]

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Higher Education in California -University Education

Question -Mainly in this paper we are supposed to talk about first how this project was funded,2- What are the financial and economic pros and cons of this project 3- Was this project cost effective Answer State Funding for University Education in California Contents State Funding for University Educationin California. 1 Contents Name: 1 Institution: 1 […]

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Interest Groups and Democracy

Question Reflect on interest groups and democracy. Discuss whether interest groups magnify the power of individuals to influence government and public policy or if they are used as a tool to exclude “regular people” in favor of wealthy elites. Also discuss whether changing the present election system so that it runs on limited public financing, […]

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North Korea’s Withdrawal from the NPT

Name of Student Name of Professor Political Science March 10, 2015. Introduction North Korea withdrew from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in January 2003. This was a significant turn of events because North Korea remains the only country that has become a member state of the (NPT) and then withdrew. This withdrawal triggered concerns in neighboring […]

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Differences between a Direct and a Representative Democracy

Name of Student Name of Professor Political Science Paper 14 March 2016. Democracy refers to a government structure whereby citizens govern themselves by participating in the passage and formulation of laws. Equality and freedom are the key pillars of a democratic government. It is important to note that there are various forms of democracy, key […]

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Locate and read Tim Dickinson’s article “The Party of the Rich.”:

Dickinson, Tim. 2011. The Party of the Rich. Rolling Stone. Nov. 24. Write an essay, single-spaced (1.5 pages minimum) exploring the following topic: Dickinson makes an argument that the Republican Party has become the party of the rich since Ronald Reagan was president. It raises the question of whether Republican adoration of President Reagan misrepresents […]

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PSCI 1050 WA7 Image, negative advertising and the candidate

In class, we watched both LBJ’s Daisy Girl TV ad from the 1964 campaign and Richard Nixon’s 1968 TV ad in which not a word was spoken. Both are negative ads and can be found on the website   Write a two-page memo (single-spaced, four-page double-spaced) to Pompous Blusterfuss, principal in Blusterfuss Political Consulting […]

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political system

need help with a discussion question can anyone help. Our text suggests that political parties perform several important functions that help hold the political system together and keep it working. Which one resonates with you and why? And while you’re mulling that over, weigh in on the role interests groups play? Are they toxic to […]

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human resource management in criminal justice organizations

As a student of human resource management in criminal justice organizations, you have studied the potential effects and cost associations of section 1983 Liability lawsuits arising out of the violation of certain protected Civil Rights. Many times such civil liability risks can be handled with confidence gained through well-informed personnel who have been well trained […]

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