Disinformation and How to Fight It

Disinformation and How to Fight It Disinformation is the conceptualization of false information disseminated and created with the evil intention of deceiving and hurting others. It is highly distinctive from the other online information operations elements, like selective presentation and other hyper-partisan forms.The information can be shared through various diverse technicalities, forinstance, like the use […]

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Media Relations and the Agenda Setting Model Of Understanding the New Media

Name of student: Course name: Class name: Date assignment due: Contents Concepts and theories as they relate to the practice of media relations. 4 Relationship between journalism and public relations. 6 Changing role of media relations practitioners in reaching audiences through traditional and new media environments  7 Construction of news. 9 Conclusion. 10 References. 12 […]

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development of a student information management system

Project that i am working on a) Project Name: “Development of a student information management system” b) The problem it is seeking to solve (or need it is seeking to address) This system is mainly aimed at promoting an easy way for the students to manage their information. The project is aimed at creating an […]

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New technology questions

New technology paper 1. Describe a company’s business problem or situation that can be solved with the New Technology. 2. Without the new technology, how companies would deal with the problem/situation presented in 1? 3. What is undesirable about the process/method described in 2? 4. Explain how the new technology solves the problem/situation presented in […]

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The Role of Technology on MNCs

“The Role of Technology on MNCs” Please respond to the following: Specify the fundamental manner in which the technological environment discussed in the text is compelling MNCs to explore outsourcing and offshoring opportunities. Provide at least two (2) examples of such exploration to support your response. (Chapter 2 and 3) Examine the primary manner in […]

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writers choice. USA based

Unit 3 Assignment 1 Resources might not open on your phone Applied HCI Principles and the 3rd Heuristic Resources Applied HCI Principles and the 3rd Heuristic Scoring Guide. For this, your Unit 3 assignment, choose one device, one app, and one Web site. For example, you can choose a handheld HCI-related device, an app that […]

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IT and Sustainability

CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT Case Study: Making Information Systems Investments Read Case Study IV-1 entitled “The Clarion School for Boys, Inc.—Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments” on pages 594-610 in your textbook, Managing Information Technology. The case study provides an example of the practical and political difficulties encountered in information systems (IS) planning and also provides […]

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Technology cannot replace manpower

Technology cannot replace manpower A topic regarding Indian civil services for practice and clearing the concept

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Parkinson diseases

Just writing about the new invention of the Parkinson’s spoon that helping them while eating even if they were shaking, the definition, usage, when is it invented, physical description of the spoon, also explaining how important this invention in our culture and society we live in.

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online class

I need someone to complete my weekly assignments and my labs for my online class fundamental of programming. the class is 10vweeks. the class is currently in week 4 starting day but I’m pas due week 3 so you would have go back and due week 3 will attach sylabus

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