Buy-In To Change Management in Health Care (do my nursing paper)

Buy-In To Change Management in Health Care Buy-in to change management is a professional commitment to actively engage employees and other stakeholders to accept organizational change approaches and strategies as worthwhile (Barrow et al., 2017). The tough challenge in organizational change management is to convince and encourage people to buy into change ideas. Without the […]

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Leadership versus Management

Leadership and management are ways used to organize people effectively in a health organization. Both leaders and managers are essential for an organization to run effectively (Algahtani, 2014). The two differ in the focus, approach, risks, outcome, personalities, and role in the decision-making process (Lopez, 2014). Leaders are inspirational; they motivate workers and initiate changes […]

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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to the activity of moving from one’s native country to another country in search of medical care. The factors that make people seek medical care in foreign countries include cheaper cost of care, unavailability of certain medical resources and procedures in one’s native country, better quality of care in foreign countries, among […]

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National Association for Healthcare Quality

The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) is a healthcare organization that provides support and resources to healthcare professionals (Curdy et al., 2017). NAHQ provides health care professionals with certifications to Certified Professionals in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ). Its main aim is to improve the healthcare quality that health professionals offer to patients and improve healthcare […]

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Communication and Teamwork

Communication is an essential part of teamwork. With the right communication strategies, a team can achieve a lot of success together. Communication is the passing of information from one person to another. Several challenges can come along to disrupt communication. These communication barriers may result in misinterpretation of information, receiving half of the story, and […]

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Importance of Cardiovascular Exercises

            Cardiovascular exercise is the ability to handle aerobically tough conditions of varying durations. Improving cardiovascular reduces the risk of contracting heart diseases by increasing the efficiency, strength, and elasticity of the blood vessels, lungs, and heart. Cardio training helps in maintaining healthy body compositions. Higher intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercises contribute to the healthy […]

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Neo-Freudian Theory

Freud garnered multiple supporters who altered his ideas to develop new theories addressing personality. These theorists were known as neo-Freudians, and they established that childhood incidences significantly influenced one’s personality. However, they concentrated more on the social surroundings and the impact of culture on one’s personality. This was in contrast with Freud’s theory which emphasized […]

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Dental treatment

Generally, dental treatment is contraindicated by some medical conditions. Patients typically requiregeneral clinical care before they can proceed to the dentist. In this case, Mr.S visits Dr V for some filling,but his blood pressure is too high for elective treatment. His pressure today is 182/98 mm Hg and it wasalso noted that his blood pressure […]

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Pediatric Case Study

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention develops important perspectivesregarding immunization. The schedule gives insights on the expected structures of immunizationwith full regards to the changing needs in the world. Thus, from the analysis, the child, can bebest served with immunization protocols in various measures. These include Hepatitis B,Diphtheria, Rotavirus, Influenza and tetanus (CDC, 2021). […]

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Standards and Regulations for Health Records

Whether in electronic or in a paper, medical records should be maintained properly to ensure that patients’ records are not compromised. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) lays down specific principles that medical facilities should adhere to ensure that this objective is reached (AHIMA, n.d). The management of medical facilities should, therefore, always be […]

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