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Preparing a PowerPoint™ Presentation is an exciting process that balances between your creative and computer skills. It tests your understanding of the things you have learned in class while allowing you to integrate the presentational skills that are commonly used in the labor market. A typical college paper writing service will tell you that preparing a PowerPoint™ Presentation (PPT) is a simple task. However, it can be a challenging way of presenting various subjects in brief through complicated slides, especially if you are doing it for your first time. These slides are prepared by merging pictures or animations and words to create meaningful messages to an audience. In many occasions, you may be required to present your PPT in class or in front of a panel, which involves speaking to your audience while referring to your PPT slides. To perform well in coursework that requires you to make presentations, you must first start by learning how to create a PPT.

10 Steps for Creating PowerPoint™ Presentation Slides

  1. Open the PPT
  2. Create a new slide
  3. Click the design template
  4. Select a preferable design
  5. Create a suitable layout
  6. Add text/words
  7. Add images
  8. Adjust the size of the pictures
  9. Move to the next slide and repeat
  10. Save file

The features of a PPT

PowerPoint™ is a Microsoft program designed with a set of graphics and tools. It is created skillfully to assist you generate professionally appealing PPT slides. The main features include a word processing package that is similar to the Microsoft Word and the following tools: graphics, drawing, outlining and presentation metrics. All these factors make it completely easy to work with a PPT.

The Do’s and Don’ts of PPTs

EssayHelpUSA.com is the leading college paper writing service. We recommend the following do’s:

  • Study your audience before preparing your PPT
  • Be brief and clear
  • Be consistent in your design and font
  • Use smart colors
  • Use images to illustrate your ideas and visual appeal
  • Always end with a good summary
  • Include a Title Slide and a References Slide


  • Do not overburden each slide with too many wordings and images
  • Do not overuse graphics, colors and designs
  • Do not mix fonts
  • Do not write for personal appeal, but rather, your audience’s.

Why you need help with Preparing PPT

Many students with minimal computer skills often go through a lot of problems preparing a good PowerPoint™ Presentation. Even though the preparation process of the PowerPoint™ slides can be simple, sometimes you may be required to figure out some shortcuts and techniques that help add dynamism to your slides, for example, embedding an audio file or setting subject related themes and graphics. Without this knowledge, you may end up losing out on very important marks.

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