Death penalty has any real deterrent effect on crime

Writing assignment: Beginning of the Proposal
CJUS 4700

The following questions are the introductory questions that you should ask yourself before you begin developing a research proposal. Answer each question in short essay responses (3-5 sentences). Answers should be typed using 12 point Times New Roman font, with one inch margins and be double spaced. Make sure all answers are explained in detail demonstrating your understanding of the material. If you are unable to fully answer each question then the succeeding research proposal will not be appropriate.

Use APA formatting as a guide for your submission. Late assignment submissions will not be accepted. This assignment is worth 50 possible points.

1. (30 points) Identify a research question that you would like to address. Think about if your question can be addressed using social science methods (i.e., can be tested). If it is not you may need to change. This will be the question that is used for the research proposal!!!

2. (10 pts) Who are you interested in testing?

3. (10 points) What do you ultimately care about (i.e., what outcome do you want to see)?

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