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It doesn’t have to be real but I want it very believable. I live in Saudi Arabia, Middle east and I am 18 years old. 
Thank you!
About the specific instructions, my professor asked all the students to write 8 pages for their narrative book. Some students wrote about a specific event in their life, some wrote something similar to an Autobiographical essay. One of my classmates wrote about her depression and how she got it, dealt with it and got through it, another did a story about how he went on a vacation and ended up on a war zone. I wrote a page at the beginning of the semester, my professor like it but I simply couldn’t build upon that. I will upload it now. 
I uploaded the paper that I did. You can use it as an outline however, I would prefer another original topic. Either is fine by me, I don’t want it to stand out to much for I do not want my professor to know that a professional organization did my papers. Thank you in advance. 


The Story of My Life

In 2009, the 27th of November… it was the first day of Eid or in other words “Breaking the Fast Feast”. And this holiday inspires individuals to be kind and to provide opportunities for young people to share experiences and gifts in order to make life more fun. The case was the same in 2009. This festival has offered me an opportunity to develop my skills in various sectors and hobbies, the main ones being my movie-making abilities and the ability to build connections with friends. Meanwhile, this is just one among many exciting events that have shaped my life.


            I have always had an interest in promoting the welfare of members of my society. This drive was inspired by the kind of upbringing that I received. For instance, during my early years, I was exposed to the concept of film-making. After making them, I would use the social media as a distribution platform. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, I interacted widely with my siblings, family members, neighbors, and schoolmates. It was a nice experience, though there were various challenges as well.

            The most significant experience relates to making films and selling them. Together with my friends, I had fun engaging in this activity. The desire to do this was ignited by my friends’ passion to learn the basics of movie-making at a neighbor’s house. The resulting interactions inspired me to learn a thing or two about the undertaking. While we were at my neighbor’s house, my friend often did better than in this regard me because of his knowledge of various types of movies. With time, I desired to be like him, and thus, my interest in the subject was born.

            Moreover, I learned and gained experience on computing, programming, and the operations of websites. For instance, I have developed drawing skills and making visual art. More importantly, I have also developed certain film making skills because I was taught by various experts, something that has given me insight on how to grasp and understand the profession. This has also enabled me to know which regions I have interest in. Thus, I already have an idea regarding the career I would like to go into upon graduating. Moreover, the experience has influenced me to motivate others and to improve the film-making community in my hometown. Many of my classmates have joined the passion and helped me with training and acting especially those who were initially interested in the field. Due to the increase in the number of people who are invested in the area, my local community started to grow and publish more films, both the meaningful ones and the ones made just for fun. In addition to this, our schools have created services which enable us to use the needed software to pursue our various passions without paying for it. This encouraged students to develop their knowledge and interests.

            During these efforts, I am glad because the world acknowledges the impact of technology in influencing globalization. Therefore, it is essential that both young and old should learn how to take advantage of the opportunities that come along with the introduction of improved technology which enables people like me to make movies and sell them on social media. My dream is to focus on filming by creating and exposing content to the social media. In this story of my life, I will explain the life events – such as Eid celebrations, movie-making efforts, shared family experiences, school interactions, skill-acquisition activities, rites of passage, classroom lessons, neighborhood incidents, and relationships with close friends – that gradually inspired my vision and the kind of life I have lived as a member of my local community in Saudi Arabia.

Growing up in America was by far the most challenging part of my life. We had moved from Saudi Arabia due to the fact that my father had been transferred by his company to work here. He was uncertain of the duration of his contract; thus, he opted for us to permanently relocate here with him. This basically meant that we all had to start life afresh from attending new schools to making new friends and neighbors. I was ten by then and my father managed to get me into a school in which diverse communities were represented, including Asian, Arabian, and European. Being a Muslim from Britain, I thought I would fit in perfectly with the rest of my Muslim counterparts in school but this was not the case. My siblings also succumbed to the same predicament and this really took a toll on us. Back at home, we strived to make friends with some of our neighbors, but none of them seemed interested relating with us.

I began thinking that relocating here was a bad idea and it would deprive my siblings and me of a chance to make childhood memories and consequently deny us personal growth in a place whose culture was not entirely different from ours. It was as if we had been cut off from life and shunned completely by those around us. However, things changed in school when teachers gave us group assignments and required them to be presented. I took this chance to establish a relationship with my group members and it all worked out well. Though the progress was quite slow, with time, I acquired more friends and this made life bearable. All it took was making small conversations with my classmates and showing them who I really was without hiding anything. Consequently, we managed to establish friendships back at home with our neighbors by inviting them over during play time and involving them in all our activities. This is how I made my friends here whose role was integral to my life’s success.


During my childhood days in school, I developed interest in sports and other co-curricular activities. I joined the soccer team in school since I was, and still am, a huge fan. I am a huge die-hard fan of Real Madrid Football Club. I developed this interest from watching world-class football tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League. I was fascinated by how the players executed well-calculated movements and great tactics while playing. The desire to learn such tactics and tremendous skills was what compelled me to join the school soccer team. I was also delighted by the fact that the school considered soccer as a vital sport and thus we were supported immensely.  Appropriate funds were accorded to the soccer team and we were able to purchase new gear such as uniforms and soccer boots. This motivated us as players and we always ensured that we maintained the good reputation of the school by winning nearly all the inter-school football matches in the region. Additionally, I was an active member of the journalism club. I mostly enjoyed journalism since it provided me with an opportunity to handle sophisticated equipment and to gain insight into what really happens in the filming world.

In the Meantime, I always knew that I possessed excellent leadership skills. I was always concerned about the overall performance of my class as well as the welfare of my classmates. This triggered me to start a forum in class whereby we would review all issues pertaining to studies and our general welfare and consequently come up with strategies on how to tackle them. My class teacher was impressed by my conduct and ability to lead others in a positive direction, and she immediately appointed me the class representative. My fellow classmates concurred with her decision and we worked together as a unit to improve our performance in school. One amicable strategy involved forming discussion groups, and results were stupendous. We went down as the most outstanding class in the entire school in terms of conduct and exemplary academic excellence.

My time in junior high school also opened up some opportunities that contributed to who I am now. For instance, I teamed up with my friends and we approached the drama club patron to seek her permission to film some of the skits done by the club. The response was affirmative and this presented the best forum where we were able to capture live action. This partnership was what helped my friends and I improve on our filming skills and consequently, to became better at it as we progressed with school. This proved to me that in deed filming was a good career option that I would consider venturing into.

Regardless of all the fun activities in school, there were a few hurdles that should share. I had always heard reports from some of my friends that new kids in school were often picked on and targeted for bullying. This revelation by my comrades prompted me to read online material on how the problem is manifested in schools and the findings were shocking. All in all, I had to attend school and that was when I experienced first-hand what I had read. My fears had become a reality. During my first year in school, some of my classmates could not resist the urge to bully me. Whenever I entered class, I would be welcomed by spit balls followed by name-calling. Recess was my most dreaded time since these lunatics would take this chance to inflict physical pain on me. This went on for quite some time until I decided to put an end to it by reporting them to the principal. Part of me thought that the issue would be disregarded since it appeared trivial, but in the end, my efforts were worthwhile. To my surprise, the principal took the matter very seriously. He told me that that such acts disrupted classroom activities and would normally result to the victims feeling despised. This in turn lowered their self-esteem, hence exerting a negative impact on learning effectiveness. Consequently, the students were immediately suspended for a period of two weeks as punishment and I was quite relieved to see how efficient the school system was.

Nonetheless, I also attribute my current position to some life-changing events and rites of passage that I have undergone. Besides, what is life without events? My most memorable rite of passage is circumcision. I underwent this rite of passage when I was about thirteen years old. My father imparted knowledge on what was expected of me upon undergoing this ceremony. I was to conduct myself with dignity in all my affairs and to behave responsibly. Part of me still treasures the importance of having undergone this rite since it marked my entrance into adulthood and the world of men. Entering this new chapter in my life meant welcoming responsibilities and taking full charge of my life without having to rely solely on my parents. For instance, being the eldest sibling meant that my two younger ones looked up to me to set a good example for them, one which they would emulate when they grew up.

I remember my father entrusted me to handle some responsibilities when he was away. He often flew out of the country to attend to business matters and at such times, I would be the head of the family. He told me that this was what being a man entailed and as such, I was required to deliver. He also spent quality time with me during this period after initiation. He taught me how to fish and we would go out for fishing expeditions over the holidays. He took this chance to impart awareness on issues such as sex since I had approached the right age and I was fully conscious of all the physical changes taking place within me. I recall him emphasizing on the need to practice chastity since both our religion and tradition demanded it. Such virtues and morals have largely contributed to my personality and I still hold on to them.

Growing up meant that soon a time would come for me to leave elementary school. I had not decided on what career I was going to take up in college. The countless career talks organized by the school proved futile since I had not come to terms with what I wanted to pursue. I had developed a strong passion for the filming industry by interacting with my friends back in Britain since they possessed vast knowledge on movies and their diverse genres. This interaction had stirred some curiosity in my mind though I was still skeptical about the whole issue. However, I decided to trust my instincts and pursue filming and movie-making upon going to campus.

I decided to involve my new friends from my school in a discussion and we shared some meaningful insight on what we all expected to achieve in life after finishing elementary and joining college. Some had set their eyes on becoming financial analysts, pilots, and doctors since they considered these to be prestigious professions which were no doubt well-paying. Unlike them, I felt my deep desire to venture into film-making. I remember getting awkward looks and comments from some of them especially one called Amin who happened to be present during this discussion. He remarked: “You are clearly joking with your life. Besides, your father will never agree to this absurd idea of you becoming a film maker!’’

These comments nearly killed my zeal for the filming industry since they had an element of truth in them. My father was not one to tolerate nonsense at any cost and thus talking to him about this whole idea of pursing filming definitely led portended an undesirable outcome. Furthermore, my father had invested heavily on my education by taking me to the best schools in the country. He had even paid a private tutor for me in addition to taking me to one of the most expensive schools in Saudi Arabia. All this was done in order to ensure that I got the best education that would enable me to become someone important in society. My father had always wanted me to take up medicine as a career but I never shared those sentiments.

I decided to stand my ground and approach my parents about my decision to pursue filming in the university. So, I waited for my father to arrive home one chilly night. Without hesitation, I summoned my mother and asked her to join us in the sitting room. In a short while, everyone was seated and I told them about my decision. At first, my mother appeared to be taken aback by what I had said since it was contrary to her expectations. Nevertheless, she found the grace to say: ‘‘If that is what you want to pursue my son, then go ahead and do it because at the end of it all, it always comes down to what we enjoy doing.’’

In contrast, my father was quiet all this while and his facial expression said it all about his mood. When he finally spoke, his words nearly left me in tears. He said: “I do not understand why you want to forge ahead with such foolishness; filming is an industry that has so many controversies and that is not what I want for you; if you choose this path, then I will not fund your education further as that will be a waste of money.’’

Alas! In an instant, my dream was nearly shuttered. I decided not to lose hope since my mother agreed to talk to my father and to convince him to let me pursue my dream.  A few days went by and finally, my father came on board by deciding to support my ambitions. This served as a stepping stone to my career since the course at the university was quite expensive. It also demanded purchasing filming equipment among other gear, all of which were catered for by my father.  Having his support meant a lot to me since I always idolized him as my role model. He had achieved so much in his life including helping people in his line of work, and I always looked up to him for mentorship. Ultimately, I successfully finished high school and proceeded onto the next phase of my life: college.

My journey towards becoming a professional in film-making commenced when I enrolled for classes at a nearby university. I always looked forward to attending film classes, so this was an important moment for me. During lectures, the university lecturers would invite successful movie makers to come and give motivational talks and share their experiences with us. This helped us gain sufficient knowledge on what to expect once we finished studying and how to go about certain issues relating to filming. We also had practical lessons which involved showcasing what we had learnt in class on the field. Normally, we would go round the school filming other students as they went by their usual duties including interviewing some of them on how they felt about studies and the school in general. We would then assemble back in the lecture hall and present our films in groups. This provided a great forum for the lecturer to assess us and point out the grey areas that needed polishing up.

A landmark moment in my film-making career came in 2009. I vividly recall the events that transpired during the 2009 Eid festivity. I had just come from visiting a friend of mine, Steve, who had flown into the country from Britain just in time to celebrate this remarkable holiday in Islam. He had called me earlier on and expressed his need to see me as he claimed to bear good news that would prove useful to me. It turned out that he actually wanted to share some ideas on film making and was greatly interested in filming part of the Eid celebrations, of course with my help. This presented an opportunity for me to showcase my ability in filming and also learn new concepts from him simultaneously. We went over the plans and dynamics of how we would go about the whole idea of filming a short clip of the festivities. I invited him to join my family in marking the celebrations. He agreed and actually proposed that we seize the opportunity to film the clip at my place. I immediately called my mother and asked for her approval on the matter. She was very supportive and even permitted us to film the celebrations at home the following day.

 On that day, my friend and I set up all equipment and we were ready for action. Family members and friends began streaming into our home bearing gifts as is the tradition during this period. My mother had prepared all kinds of Arab dishes with the help of my sister and set it out in the dining area. We all got settled and started feasting as we exchanged pleasantries and shared in our experiences. The entire celebration was recorded on our equipment and it was in deed a success. After the celebration, Steve and I took the recording and went ahead to review it. We edited it accordingly and shared it on my Facebook page. On the other hand, Steve decided to take the video and present it to a few of his other friends who had expressed interest in joining the film industry. I always find so much joy and comfort in sharing the little experiences in life with my friends across all platforms. This is part of why I developed a strong passion for the filming industry. More importantly, it was what make the Eid experience a momentous one for me.

Moreover, going forward, I involved myself in filming short clips at home and around the neighborhood. I normally captured those that involved kids playing in the neighborhood and family events such as birthday celebrations. I strongly feel that it is necessary to preserve such memories in recordings for future reference. One day, I will look back and show my children where I came from and the memories that make up my past.

Meanwhile, my father had also introduced me to some of his friends who wanted to help me nurture my ability by covering some of their important events too. For instance, I was charged with the task of covering a church wedding of one of my father’s colleagues at work. This was going to be my first serious project that had a handsome financial return if I managed to pull it off.  I decided to consult some of my friends who were experts in this field to give me pointers since a number of them had covered bigger events including music concerts. Besides, this was a grand opportunity to spearhead my passion to attain the level I desired. Executing this deal precisely meant building a good reputation for my film-making and editing skills, and would enable me get more clients. In a nutshell, I accomplished the task effectively and was rewarded handsomely. From then on, I have been getting numerous chances to film events for people at very favorable prices.

It is a well-known fact that the path to success is always marked with ups and downs, and this is part of what makes it interesting. I can attest to the fact that I have met quite a number of challenges and stumbling blocks along the way. At the same time, though, I have gained vast knowledge in light of these events. My drive to succeed in this industry is founded purely on the passion that I have for film-making. In addition to this, I yearn to become one of the greatest movie makers in history.  

Meanwhile, I suffered a major setback sometimes back when I had just ventured into the world of filming-making. On that fateful day, I left home for college at around 8.00 am since I only had one lecture in the afternoon. Along the way, I received a call from one of my clients whom I had met through my father’s networks. She had a two-hour party at her home which happened to be around the school vicinity, and she wanted me to film it. I had ample time to cover the event before classes commenced, and I assured her that I would gladly cover her event. Unfortunately, on my way to her place, I was mugged by a group of gangsters who made away with all my filming equipment. I was devastated since I had to cancel my appointment and at the same time find a way to purchase others. This took me quite some time before I managed to gather sufficient funds to replace my equipment since I did not want to ask my father for money. This occurrence nearly ruined my life since I had to cancel all my filming appointments for a period of two months.

Balancing between my studies and filming has equally proven to be a challenge. The filming industry is known to be a competitive one that requires both skill and an aggressive approach. It demands a lot of sacrifice and effort in the pursuit of perfection and excellence. This has forced me to put in extra hours both in school and at home in order to try and balance between my studies and my career. I mostly review and edit my films at home during the night. This enables me to go through them thoroughly to ensure that I deliver high quality work to my customers. Moreover, I prefer to work from the comfort of my home since there are minimal disruptions. To achieve the highest possible quality standards capable of putting me in a position of industry leadership I have had to work extremely hard. As part of my ongoing struggle to maintain a delicate studies-career balance, I have resorted to waking up early in the morning. This way, I am able to catch up with my studies to ensure that I do not neglect anything. This has proven to be effective since I am able to dedicate equal time to both my studies and my passion.

My life as a freshman has also presented innumerable opportunities for me. For starters, I have met with quite a number of young self-driven students who have a desire to achieve success in life. I have also interacted with some who indulge in filming as a part-time activity and we have decided to work on some projects as a group. One of the projects we have in mind involves shooting a short educative movie that will serve to address and bring into light the issues that we face as college students. Campus life is not at all easy for a majority of students. It is a well-known fact that many campus students have difficulty coping with new changes in life. Many have been known to succumb to peer -pressure and consequently fall into drug abuse, robbery, and promiscuity. Drop-out rates continue rising, and this cuts short the dreams of many talented youths. These issues are intertwined, and the rate at which they are destroying the education system is alarming. This situation is what has triggered our desire to undertake a short movie project that will seek to identify the root of these issues and provide meaningful solutions and a way forward as part of our efforts as college students to raise awareness regarding the need to complete studies in order to have a great future.

Shifting the spotlight on my own future aspirations, my expectation in life is to become a successful filmmaker and movie director. My dream will come true the day I will begin specializing in movie-making and working with famous directors in this industry. For example, I have always idolized the work of renowned movie director James Cameron. His masterpiece movie, The Avatar, is one of my favorite movies. It contains many cinematic aspects that I admire, and this motivates me to push forward in the skill acquisition process. I am mostly drawn to his excellent graphics in all his works and the overall coordination of all scenes. I want to emulate him and attain his level of production excellence in this industry. Besides personal growth, I plan to work with major media houses both here in the United States and in Saudi Arabia. I yearn to film exposés on subjects such as corruption, poverty, and racial discrimination. It troubles me that these challenges prevent the country from moving forward. It is my strong conviction that in doing so, I will help improve the living standards of many citizens. Moreover, the activities will contribute to increased government’s focus on areas that are pivotal to development.

Lastly, it goes without saying that I also wish to have a family of my own. I aspire to have kids who will grow take pride in my work and build their own careers. At the same time, I will always be grateful to my parents for their support. I believe that supporting them is the best way of expressing my gratitude. Looking back at how far I have come, I am quite contented with the much I have achieved at such a tender age, and I look forward to more exciting opportunities in future.

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